Kinga & Karolina Euler

Beauty, Elegance , Grace,  Are front and center as you watch these gorgeous twins

 Kinga & Katolina are “Stunning” in this  Model Film Series: Fashion Twins!

By INCOGNITO An Amazing Producer, Who has mastered combining music and video Edit

To a seamless flow , That captures the imagination of even the most fickle viewer

     Please “Enjoy” The beauty and grace through the creative eyes of INCOGNITO

Kinga & Karolina Euler from INCOGNITO on Vimeo.

Model Film Series: Fashion Twins!

Models: Kinga Euler ( Karolina Euler (
Filmed & Edited by: INCOGNITO []
Music Composed by: DYTONE []
Makeup by: Divine Image Cosmetics Team []
Hair by: Aveda Hair Team []

Christy & Ruby from Dr. Dominik Muench


Christy & Ruby from Dr. Dominik Muench on Vimeo.

Dr. Dominik Muench Surprised Me With The Gem , Now a part of my Models To Watch  Showcasing models from around the world debuting 2015, A preview is on tumblr and Facebook  Models to watch will also have a .com and a page on Google plus , Dr. Dominik Muench Is Well known on Vimeo For His gorgeous models and camera works which is nothing less than “Spectacular” some of his earlier  Work , has been showcased here on “Pure Fashion” Its youthful vitality, colorful set and Models with such “Great Personalities”  as  Ruby & Christy is one of the best i have seen!,.. Cheers “Dr” And Thank you!!

Suzanne Neville – Novello Collection 2015



Suzanne Neville – Novello Collection 2015 from Dom Jamieson on Vimeo.

Well I’m Back With My First Video Of The Season, Been Quite Busy With Other Projects, But My Love For This Project Is Certainly Reason Enough To Start Now, Produced  By DomJamieson It Is A Marvel To Watch , And These Marvellous Designs By Suzanne Neville  Are Elegantly Priceless, Showcased Beautifully By  Gorgeous Models And Captured With Dom Jamieson  Own Unique  Style, Enjoy This Great Addition To Pure Fashion